Baby Fence

A metaphor

We decided to get the baby fence, eventually.

It was for safety considerations, obviously. Yet we are still on the fence (no pun intended) about whether we would actually adopt the new settings. So much so that we went for second-handed instead of buying brand new, like we are prepared for getting rid of the thing any minute.

It's almost like a mini metaphor of raising kids. In an ideal world, fences don't exist. With safety being the major (and probably the only) concern, there is another 17 reasons you don't want fences in your house. Yet you compromise. Because you would be haunted by the possibilities otherwise.

Chelsea is cool with that. It's just me who misses how she was roaming around the room freely. I guess you can always open the little gate and let her through when available. But you also know that there is gonna be many more "fence" decisions to make.