Update Overdue - On Walking

It's been well over a month since the last update. A lot has been going on, with the family and certainly with Chelsea.

For one, she's been walking independently in the past month. A few days after the last update, one day while I was at work, she suddenly stood up on her own and started to work around in the house, which was video capture by her grandma.

Now that after the process of her learning to stand and then walk, I found it's fascinating that the learning process was probably not what I thought it was. It was not just about motor skills. It was not just about controlling your muscles and balance. That part is for sure important and not easy to learn. But the last puzzle piece and what's preventing her from doing that even earlier was probably, as I observed, courage.

I would watch her asking for a hand when she would like to walk a bit. I'll lend her a hand at first then gradually just a finger. She was basically already walking on her own but with a finger in hand, it was probably the sense of security that was very much needed. Until one day it was not any more.

I wonder what made her decide it's time. It's probably not logical, probably unconscious. That's the interesting part watching a baby grow.